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Petriviewer Image analysis

The Petri-viewer, designed primarily for colony counting and inhibition zone assays, includes incident, dark-field and transmitted illumination for opaque, clear and semi-opaque agars respectively.

The use of very bright cool white tubes provides unprecedented contrast between colonies and substrate. It features a monochrome CCD camera linked to an automatic lens. A high resolution CCD camera is optional for more demanding applications.  Illumination and lens aperture are under complete software control enabling different configurations to be saved.

Special sample trays are included to hold Petri-dishes in place and these are easily removed for cleaning. The Petri-viewer can accommodate all sizes of Petri-dish up to 100 mm diameter, microtiter plates, culture dishes up to 100 mm square and 3M Petrifilm.


The Macro-viewer has proven to be the most versatile illumination stand available for image analysis. It features transmitted and dark-field illumination as standard with incident illumination as an option. The meter high column features rack and pinion movement to position Sorcerer's camera for the exact field of view required. Furthermore, the incident illumination module may also be positioned independently to cast light at any desired angle.

A range of high quality  lenses is available to ensure samples are imaged at the optimum magnification.  This facilitates viewing of individual wells of microtiter dishes, magnified sections of Petri-dishes and 12" square inhibition zone bioassay plates. A range of plate holders is available to securely hold samples in position beneath the camera and lens.

Macroviewer Image analysis

Automatic XY Stage

Auto stage Image analysis

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An Automatic stage can be fitted to the Macro-viewer enabling samples to be scanned field by field under the control of Sorcerer's stage control commands.

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Microscope C-mount adapters are available to connect the Sorcerer camera directly to the trinocular head or other port of most  popular brands and models of microscope.