Optomax Image Analysis Products for Science & Industry  

Physical Science Applications

Particle Size Analysis (Particle Sizing)

The Sorcerer Image Analysis System can rapidly  classify  particles based on a wide ranParticle Sizing, Image analysisge of morphometric data including Area, Diameter, Width, Height, Axial Ratio, Longest Dimension and Intensity.

Size classification tables are easily defined and can include up to 50 classes in any progression. Feature measurements can also be used as include / exclude filters singly, or in logical and / or combinations. A binary image editing facility is also available to modify the image prior to measurement for example to remove artifacts.

The Sorcerer image analysis system can be linked to a light microscope or Macroviewer to provide the optimum image magnification for particle sizing. Particles as small as 1 um diameter can be measured with a light microscope,  10 um with the macro-viewer.

Sorcerer links directly to Microsoft Excel and data can be processed / graphed as required using Excel  macro functions.

Sorcerer Particle Sizing applications include:

  • Agrochemical pesticide spray droplets
  • Contamination in lubricants / hydraulic fluids / powders
  • Corrosion analysis
  • Emulsions
  • Inclusions in steel / composites
  • Polymer pellets
  • Print quality
  • Printing inks / Paint pigments
  • Radon dosimetry tracks
  • Voids in ceramics

Pulp & Paper Analysis

SpeckCheck 2, is a scanner based image analysis system, widely used in paper mill quality labs.

The system quantifies Dirt, Ink, Stickies, Fibers, Shives, Mottle and Print quality in Pulp, Paper and Paperboard

SpeckCheck 2 conforms to TAPPI methods T 213 (Area), T 563 (EBA) for Dirt counts and T27Dirt counting7  for Stickies.

SpeckCheck 2 Pulp and Paper analysis applications include:

  • Dirt counts and Stickies in Handsheets
  • Dirt counts in Fine papers (coated or uncoated)
  • Dirt counts and Stickies in Liner board,
  • Dirt counts in Newsprint
  • Dirt counts in Tissue
  • Battery separator paper
  • Filter papers
  • Particle sizing


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